Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TwiceToddlers, Food Dye and Christmas Cookies

Tonight, after we ate dinner, I decided to frost sugar shaped cookies with my twins. I had already made the white frosting and just needed to add the green and red food dye, to individual bowls of white frosting. Once I did this, I had my twins take off their nice, pretty dresses and put on an Old Navy T instead. This ON T is what we use for crafts which are messy. Did I say messy?

Oh yes, food dye, especially green and red, are very messy and could possibly stain, forever. So, having my twins change into something for crafts, was a good thing. The one thing I did not do, which would have been good, was to place to cookies on the cookie sheet.

What did I do instead? I took the cookies off the cookie sheet, placed four cookies in front of my twins, a different colored bowl of frosting next to them with a spoon and showed them how to put the frosting on the cookies.

The frosting and all the color, was so seemed that last year when we did this, when they were 3, it was not as messy. This year, the colored frosting got all over my white breakfast table. It is a good thing the table was easily cleanable.

But, like the Mommy I am, I freaked out...just a little. Only because I could see the colored frosting getting all over my carpet, the chair and walls. Oh, the sprinkles, of all kinds, were finding their way on the floor as well.

As my twins were doing their cutest to frost and sprinkle their cookies, I was able to take some photos of them. They did look so cute and actually had fun...

Just remember, if you attempt this at home, make sure you have a cleaning eraser (which can be purchased 2 for a 1 at the Dollar Store). They work wonders in cleaning up colorful and sticky messes.

After we frosted the cookies and Mommy cleaned up the mess, my twins went into the family room and watched The Upside down Show. I followed them in their and asked them, "Did you have fun frosting the cookies, even though Mommy kinda freaked out?" They both said, "Yes we did."

Merry Christmas my family, friends and TBM blog readers...

Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy Cookie Making...

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