Tuesday, December 22, 2009

With Bidazzled Bids, You are always a Winner!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

These days, it seems there are a lot of auction websites. These auction websites want you to bid on a lot of their auctions. The majority, if not all, of these auction websites probably do not offer something special like Bidazzled. At Bidazzled.com, which was launched in early November, they have redefined the online auction market. With Bidazzled.com, they offer savings of up to 90% on name brand merchandise. Along with name brand merchandise, the auction winner will be giving to a worthy charity.

Bidazzled is an auction website also known as a Penny Auction or Pay-Per-Bid auction websites. At Bidazzled.com, bids are purchased in advance. Then the bids are used to bid on the website merchandise. At Bidazzled.com, the auction price increases a few cents with each bid placed and a few seconds are added to the countdown clock which gives other bidders a chance to bid and win. The auction ends when no other bids are placed. So if a Bidazzled.com auction is placed on a new laptop which ends at just a dollar, then you win the laptop for a dollar!

The charity Bidazzled gives to is the lung cancer charity (The Ruch Foundation: www.ruchfoundation.com). To learn more about this lung cancer charity, please go to their website.

Something auction bidders/winners need to remember is that they usually save over 80%off retail, there are no loses, if you don't win your bid, you will receive up to 50 Bonus Bids. This is a thank you for participating in an auction, and you can purchase the auction item less the investment you had in the auction. If, on the otherhand, you win your bid, Bidazzled will typically make an offer to buy the item back with cash via paypal or check, cash and bids or bids.

Just in Bidazzled.com's first month, there have been 2 winners of Nintendo Wii's who have won with just their 5 free bids! That is just amazing and something, to date, no other auction website offers.

When you register and place your first auction bid with Bidazzled.com, you will receive 15 additional bids if you use this code-BBP1202A-until January 15th. Just remember to enter it on the registration page. Remember, there is no obligation or cost of any kind to you. If, on the otherhand, you are on Twitter, you can use this code-BTP1202A- as well.

The Bidazzled bids cost $1 and are also available for purchase in 'bid packs' as low as $25. When you purchase bid packs, you also receive bonus bids. The highest cost of a bid when you dilute the cost with the bonus bids you receive is only $.67 per bid and often much lower.

When you refer your family and friends to Bidazzled, they will reward you with a lucrative Viral Referral program. Here is their bonus bids plan below:

*A refers B. A receives 5 Bonus Bids
*B refers C. A receives 4 Bonus Bids
*C refers D. A receives 3 Bonus Bids
*D refers E. A receives 2 Bonus Bids
*E refers F. A receives 1 Bonus Bid.

It looks like, once you register and place bids, it is always a win-win situation.

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