Sunday, May 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers at Michael's

This morning, before heading out to the park, we all went into Michael's. You know, I really like this store...can you tell? I must go at least 3 times a month. So this morning, we all went into Michael's to get the girls some more wooden dolls to color. These dolls are pretty cool. They come with four colors to use to color the wooden girl dolls whatever color or way my twins want to.

On this Michael's excursion, we picked up 4 dolls a piece, one horse and one car a piece for them. Yes, these are all wooden pieces which keep them occupied. When you have twins that are as busy as mine, you must...keep them occupied all the time.

Along with the wooden dolls, we got then a hand puppet a piece, a paddle ball (which they will break in two shakes of a lamb's tale), a small wooden bird house to paint as well.

Finally, we got Mommy some goodies. Since I like making candies with molds and chocolates I find at Michael's, I had to purchase two new molds, two bags of chocolate (pink and white), gold wrapping paper and candy sticks. The only thing I did not see was that paper for allowing candies or dipped fruit to dry on. All in all, we had a fun time in Michael's and got one more coupon to use by the 12th. I will see if my Mom and I can go when my parent's come up for the twins graduation ceremony...

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