Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Newest Gift From Mommy

Yeah, my twins newest gift arrived today. While on a major website that sells lots of stuff at somewhat good prices, Mommy (that is me), found a tent for my twins. My twins always want Mommy to make them a tent in our family room. Well, when I do make them a tent, they totally destroy the family room. I mean, there are stuff toys, blankets and chairs everywhere.

So, instead of this mess, I decided to purchase a tent for them. I looked at two tents, one looks like your typical camping tent. Although, this camping tent had four primary colors around it and a tunnel to attach to it. I thought, at first this would be real cute and the girls would love it. Then, I thought, it will take up a LOT of space where ever it is, especially in our family room. So, I kept on searching for other tents and that is when I came upon a Disney Princess tent. This tent is pink and looks like a castle. This tent is round and looks easy to set up. It was also within my price range too;even with shipping and handling.

When my twins wake up from their afternoon nap, they will see it in the family room, ready for them to put ALL their stuffed animals, blankets and pillows in. Hopefully, they will not have any animals around the family room anymore.

This play tent is indoor/outdoor too. So, they can play in this tent with their friends too..

Go Mommy!!

**Once the tent is up, I will take a and place them right here...if I remember and or have time.**

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