Thursday, May 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Duck, Duck, Duck...Goose!!

My twins, they love games. One of the games they enjoy most is "Duck, Duck, Duck..Goose!." Twin "B", she could say this phrase forever if I do not tell her to stop and pick someone. Once she does pick someone, we run around the home, or outdoors, for a while, screaming and laughing. Twin "B" loves it when either her or Mommy stops, and turns the other way trying to tag the other person. Oh goodness, Twin "B", and Twin "A", could play this game all day long, if I allowed it.

Another game my twins like to play is "London Bridge". Twin "A" does not like to be caught in the middle of our arms as much as Twin "B" does. Twin "A" oh, she gets mad and begins screaming and falls to the ground. She does not understand yet that being caught in the middle is all part of the game. In fact, it was not until two years ago that I began to remember this was all part of the game.

There are other games my twins like playing that deal with RUNNING. If my twins are running, they are in all their glory. When they are standing still or have to sit down, they just have ants in their pants.

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