Thursday, May 13, 2010

TwiceBabies and Learning

My twins, they really love learning. Well, they do not like being still for one thing and when I showed them this new wesbite for children 2-K today, they had so much fun. There were songs they could sings, animals they could learn about, puzzles they could put together and art work they could create.

The best thing my twins liked was hearing their names in the letter songs. The first letter in my twins names, that letter song had their names in it and they loved it. I did too, it was really cute.

The whole website it cute and I can't wait until it goes live. The website is really user friendly and allows a child to be interactive with all the learning tools and games on the website.

Children ages 2-K can learn about letters, math, reading, science, art and so much more. It is like going to school....without having to go to school...Hmm what a concept. This would be perfect for parents who fear their children enter the public school "system" as that is what it is a system.

Maybe, this website will add more learning tools for children 1-5 and beyond. It would really be a great idea and the learning can be done at the children's pace and not that of the school system throughout the United States where children are being forced to learn something they are not ready for or are too advanced to learn about.

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