Thursday, May 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Imagination

My twins, they are so precious. With their play kitchen in one corner of the family room, they pretend to be little chefs with their chef outfits on. Twin "A" likes to fill up the pots with all the plastic food I got from doing surveys on this one website I am part of. Twin "B" likes to put food in the pots as well and bring the food to me to stir and then eat.

On their kitchen, is a fake telephone. With the telephone, Twin "A", she is so silly in that she acts like Mommy on the phone. Twin "A", more than Twin "B", actually has conversations on the pretend phone. She shakes her head and responds to whomever she is speaking to. Then, if I am close by, she will ask if the person she is talking to wants to talk to Mommy. Then, Twin "A" says, "Yeah, she is precious and I love her".

Oh goodness, my twins and their imagination. I would like to get them more toys that spark their imagination. I was thinking of looking for a doctor kit online or something else. But, I will NEVER get them anything to do with fast food. That is the last thing I want them to "pretend" to be or act like.

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