Thursday, May 6, 2010

Replacement Windows to Keep Energy Costs Down in any Season

Whether you have been in your home for 60 years or 60 days, you will probably need replacement windows. Replacement windows come in all shapes, sizes and thickness. If you are looking to cut down on your energy bill, the only way to go is replace your current windows with those with more insulation. When looking at these replacement widows, Penguin Windows is the only company to go through. The Penguin Windows company is one of the 7th largest window replacement company in the business and they provide service to the states of Washington, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

When shopping for one or an entire home of replacement windows, Penguin Windows offers their clients, new or returning, a lifetime warranty on all windows installed. Penguin Windows has been in operation since 1984 so they know a lot about installing windows in your home and customer service. If you have any concerns about the professionalism or training of the Penguin Windows installers, they are employees are certified InstallationMaster installers.

The Penguin Windows company is able to install such windows as Three Panes and Krypton Gas replacement windows. The Triple Pane windows are thicker than the Two Paned windows and keep the cold or hot air where it belongs, outdoors. As for the Krypton Gas windows, they are made with a dense air, called Krypton (Kr 36). This air is nontoxic, odorless, clear and is a 185% denser than air. This means that this type of window insulates your home, better than your home's walls.

Along with having the best windows in the industry, Penguin Windows offers a UV protection on their replacement windows, easy cleaning and many other features for your home.

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