Friday, May 7, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at Preschool Mother's Day Tea

This morning at my twins preschool, they had a Mother's Day Tea. It began at 10:00 AM and was just wonderful. When all the Mom's arrived, our children were sent into their classroom where we sat in their tiny toddler chairs. Then, all our children's teacher's came into the room and one of their teacher's introduced each of the teachers to us.

Then, one of the teachers took out two books, which I can not recall right now, but own one of the books about "I love you forever..". The teacher that spoke said we will cry when she reads these books and guess what...there was not a dry eye on the house.

Our children sat on our laps as this teacher read these books and my twins, so precious as they are, asked why Mommy was crying and I told them, "Because you are growing up so fast and I will miss you being the toddlers that you are right now."

When the reading was done, each Mom was sent to the Mother's Day Tea room. Once in the room, we found our table and were treated to our children singing "This Little Light of Mine." Of course, I took some photographs and video of my precious twins singing and dancing.

After their performance, each table with their children, got up and went to the table where there were tea sandwiches, fruit and cookies. All the food was just great and my twins loved it. They loved being with Mommy and they were just loving on Mommy all the time I was there.

It was just a very memorable day and something I will aways remember and my twins too.

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