Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers and their Last Ballet Dance Class

Tomorrow is my twins last ballet dance class for this season. It looks like it will be a small class as there will only be two or three girls in class tomorrow. Two of my twins friends have other places they have to be. Oh, that is alright though my twins see their friends in Sunday School every Sunday anyway. Except one of their friends will be out of the state for a while.

Well, since we will not see my twins ballet dance instructor until the Fall, I made her a "Thank You" gift. Actually, I made one of the gifts and purchased two of the other gifts. I will write about what I made for their dance instructor on my other blog and link it here. But, seeing as it is past midnight, I will go to bed and complete that other blog tomorrow.

Well, after tomorrow's dance class, my twins will be home on their dance class days and they can do Hooked on Phonics with Mommy. It really would be amazing if they could learn to read before entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

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