Monday, May 24, 2010

TwiceBabies and Their Daily Routine

My twins, I do love them dearly, love their daily routine. Whether they are going to preschool or staying home for the day, they have a certain time they like to get up, get dressed, get their breakfast and milk. Almost everyday, their routine is the same. This is true especially when they go down for a nap and get their afternoon junk snack, as I call it.

My twins know the difference between their junk food snack and their healthy snack. Now personally, I prefer to give them a healthy food snack of apples, bananas, Mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, baby carrots, sliced celery with peanut butter and strawberries. Unfortunately, my twins prefer the former for their snack food, anything sweet. With my twins, I am not shy or keep things from them. In fact, I will and have told them time and time again, "Processed junk food, made by man and not by God, are bad for you and will harm your body and mind." Mommy, that is me, prefers her little girls stay healthy instead of sick, taking OTC meds and/or in the hospital.

When my twins wake up from nap, they love to watch some cartoons and then turn around and play with their thousands of stuffed animals and dollhouse. Well, their dollhouse needs to be fixed or I need to find them a new one. I was looking at a wooden one online that looks nice and is within my price range, actual price and shipping/handling costs.

Recently, I purchased a tent for my twins. They were always asking me to make them a tent. But, their tent seemed to be all over the family room. So, I went online and found two really cute princess castle shaped tents. First, I purchased one, found it was too small for both of them and purchased another one. Now, they have all of, if not most, of their stuffed animals inside their tents. I just do not allow liquid or foods in their as I know they would leave them in there.

So, this is my twins daily routine, how is your kids daily routine?

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