Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TwiceToddlers LOVE Nana and Papa

My parents drove up to see me, my hubby and of course my twins last Sunday. The reason for their visit was to see my twins in their ballet recital. Ever since my parents being at my home, my twins have just been so excited. They just love their Nana and Papa and it makes me so happy to see them playing together and spending time together. It is not fun living over 600 miles from my parents and my sister and her family.

As sad as this is, our distance, we have a great time together when my parents are visiting. Today, was my twins ballet recital. If and when I have time, I will upload photos of them. I took more video than photos of them as the lighting was not all that great in the room they had the recital in.

For my twins recital, they did "The Bunny Dance". It was just so adorable. They wiggled their ears, wiggled their nose, something with their teeth and that is how it goes...then they did this little dance around a chair and said this was the Bunny Dance.

Oh, it was just adorable and it looked like they had fun performing too. Although, a the beginning of the recital, Twin "B" was becoming nervous and did not want to perform, but her teacher, an amazing young lady, convinced Twin "B" to do this show she had practiced for so many days.

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