Monday, May 24, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Summer Vacation (?)

I remember when my summer months used to be three months, not a month and barely a half a month. This is just sad and pathetic how children these days barely get a summer vacation anymore. How can this be and why is this happening? Who is in charge here and whoever is in charge of the schools in California need to be replaced.

My twins will be ending preschool in mid-June, with cap and gown, and will begin their summer right after graduation until early-August. This is just pathetic folks. My twins barely get a chance to breathe and have fun without being back in a classroom, a new classroom for that matter.

I want to know who is in charge of the schools in California and what possessed them to have my babies in school for 10, almost 11 months!! Vacation, we barely have time for a vacation now.

Oh, wait, I know why our babies are being "forced" to attend school almost annually, but I will let you, my dear readers, figure this one out. I will not write what it is all about, but instead, let you find out why our children are going to school, almost year round.

This is very sad, indeed, and needs to be stopped. Our children need, and their parents, working or not, need a break, a real break not just 1.5 months!!

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