Sunday, May 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers at the Park

Oh yeah, it was finally a warm day today. Well, it is Memorial Day weekend, so it should be warm. But of course, last week, it rained and poured like nobody's business. I am guessing it was one last Winter/Spring horray!

Anyway, this morning, the weather was amazing. My twins were still dressed in their winter dresses with warm winter tights on. I said, "Girls, it looks like it will be a warm day today. You better take off these warm tights and get on a short sleeve dress."

While at the park, the girls ran in the open field and had fun, we played "Duck, Duck, Duck...GOOSE!" and just went home. As always, the play equipment was HOT. Too bad there are no covers over the play area.

Oh my, they fussed and whined about changing into something cooler. But, when we got to the park, they sat down and at their lunch, they were happy to be out of these warm tights. On Twin "B" changed into a cooler dress. Twin "A" was stubborn as all get out and worn her warm stress and then whined all the way to the truck saying, "It is hot. It is hot in the car." Daddy turned on the A/C and said, "The A/C takes time to get cool, just wait a minute".

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