Saturday, May 22, 2010

TwiceToddlers Nana and Papa are Going Home

Tomorrow morning, my parents, my twins Nana and Papa, will be going home. They are leaving early to beat the traffic going down the interstate. Usually, there are a lot of trucks going their way through the two major highways. Plus, they are not fans of sitting in downtown traffic as this is when everyone goes out of town to surrounding cities for fun.

Since my parents are leaving, I made them a homemade "Thank You" card. I will post it on my other blog, AllThingsHomeMade, tomorrow for you to see, as I do not have time tonight to do so. I love this new homemade card I made. I always take photos of all my homemade products and would gladly sell them of asked to make them for others.

Anyway, I know my twins will be so sad to see Nana and Papa go tomorrow morning, but they will be back next month.

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