Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Placing Oriental Rugs on your Bare Floor Brings Warmth and Conversation

When your home has bare floors such as wood, tile or any other hard surface, adding an area rug, such as oriental rugs, will allow for your homes floors to be warm and add to your conversation with family and friends. Oriental rugs come in the shapes such as rectangle, square and runners. There are Oriental rugs in all sizes as well. Some Oriental rugs are 4'2 x 5'11,
6'6 x 9'10, 9'8 x 12'4 and many, many more sizes.

Oriental rugs can be purchased with a variety of colors. Many Oriental rugs have the colors red, green, blue, navy blue and red and are handmade, woven hand knotted. These rugs come from nations such as Pakistan and Iran and are made from wool or cotton.

If you love your hard floors, but are looking to add some warmth, color and style, Oriental rugs are the way to go.

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