Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Formula Savings Calculator for Parents

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Recently, I visited the Parent's Choice website and I clicked on the Savings Calculator to see how much I would save on the baby formula I used when my twins were infants. Well, it is amazing the difference in price the baby formula I used is and the Parent's Choice baby formula is. The one I was told to use, since my twins were preemies, Similac Sensitive formula, was $23.78 for a 25.7oz can. While the Parent's Choice Sensitivity formula, is $14.88 for a 25.7oz can.

When purchasing the Similac Sensitive baby formula, at the price of $23.78, it would allow for 188 fl servings and cost $0.76 per a 6oz feeding. On the other hand, the Parent's Choice baby formula, at the price of $14.88, would allow for 186 fl servings and cost $0.48 per a 6oz feeding.

That is an almost $9.00 savings, per can, to parents with one, two, three or more babies that must be fed, at birth, every 2-4 hours. This means parents can be saving as much as $600, annually, on one baby, now double or triple that amount of savings for more than one baby. The saved money could go towards so much more for raising your precious baby or babies. With the saved money, parents could purchase more clothes, and of course, diapers. In fact, when you check out the savings calculator yourself, you will see the many name brand formula's you will save on when choosing to purchase Parent's Choice baby formulas.

When I went to the Formula Finder , it showed formula's for babies under 12 months and over 12 months. Parent's Choice makes Premium, Organic, Sensitivity, Milk, Soy, Advantage, Gentle, Added Rice Starch and Older Infants formula's. It looks like every baby, young and old, sensitive stomach or not, is covered with Parent's Choice baby formula's.

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