Thursday, May 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Pony Balony

My twins love "My Little Pony". In fact,they have between the two of them, eight My Little Pony's. They have some in their bedroom toy chest, outside in the garage in their bicycle pouch, some in the family room and usually...well at least one, sitting by them.

You would think that will all their My Little Pony toys, they would not fight. Well, you would be wrong. Yes, they fight, over their My Little Pony toys. It amazes me how much they fight over all the same toys.

When I was their age, well a little bit older, I remember playing with the My Little Pony toys. My best friend and I played with them for hours and hours. Then, we got bored and played with our Barbie dolls instead.

But I digress...

Right now, my twins are eating their lunch, holding on to one of their My Little Ponies and watching a My Little Pony movie. Now, I am not really a fan of this movie because it has a witch in it. Why do all these movies for toddlers have to have a witch in them? What is going on here? Are there no wholesome, clean, toddler cartoons for my twins to watch these day. I could say why I think these witches are in these cartoons, but I shall keep it to myself..for now..

Ah yes, when my twins are looking for their My Little Pony toys are want to see the cartoon/movie, they say, "Can I watch the Pony Balony movie" and they say, "Where is my Pony Baloney toy? I can not find them anywhere." Daddy says Pony Balony all the time and now our twins say it too..LOL

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