Monday, May 24, 2010

TwiceToddlers and NOT Spring Weather

It is the end of May and it is still cold and rainy in my city. In fact, it is still raining and showing up in the foothills and in the mountains. If we are expecting to have fun on Memorial Day Weekend, that will be amazing in and of itself. As it is, the weatherman, much less the weather, can not be trusted. What would really be freaky is if the weather was like it is today, going into June and July. I guess we could not blame out climate woes on Global Warming anymore...could we.

Maybe we can call it a Little Ice Age instead since our weather in my city is closer to winter than summer. Oh, it does make me sad for my twins that they really have not been able to play outside much since our "winter" days "went away". Okay, I am irritated now, but just wait...the hot, very hot summer months are going soon. Then, I will be whining that it is too hot and will be indoors all...summer...long...this happens ever summer in my city.

It is either TOO HOT or TOO COLD in my city. The best time of they year is actually in September. So, today, seeing as it is not yet summer, my twins are indoors, playing with their building blocks, playing with their dollhouse and watching some cartoons. This is only because Mommy, that is me, does not like to be outdoors if the weather is under 78 degrees and or it is windy outside. But, when Daddy comes home, they are sure to go outside and play, play, play.

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