Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers and a Summer Fever

Yes, last night my twins had a fever. Their temps were between 100.1 t0 102.2 Oh goodness, I remember getting summer fevers as a child. I am assuming it is due to the hot temps outside and being a new human being, outdoors, makes these warmer temps not good for little ones.

Here is a post I found on the Parents Community website called Summer Flu. I do have to agree with the majority of it. Although, my twins do not have allergies or hay fever. I would love to tell you why my twins do not have allergies, but you probably do not want to hear it or agree with me. Again, more than hay fever or allergens, I believe my twins came down with a fever due to it being warm or hot outdoors for them. We are indoors the majority of the fall/winter months. So, when the weather gets warmers/hotter, my twins are just not used to it yet.

Like I wrote in my article, How to Treat a Low Grade Fever, I did three of the four steps I suggested. Twin "B"s fever broke this morning, Amen, but Twin "A" still has a little fever. I mean, here fever is not as bad as it was last night and I did give her more medicine this morning.

Because my twins had a fever last night, and still this morning, they did not attend their swim lessons. I am sure Twin "A"s fever will be gone by this evening. My sweet babies, they are not familiar with getting colds that often. In fact, my twins rarely, if ever, get a cold, flu or fever. I praise God for my twins health and them being to always play, run around and just have fun, fun, fun.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....Right!!

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