Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers Coloring, with water paints, Their Bird Houses

Here are my twins, yesterday afternoon, coloring their bird houses. Yes, these are the birdhouses Daddy and Mommy purchased from Michael's Craft Store. We found them in a bin, right next to the checkout counter..of course..

Anyway, we just got them this one, but my twins had fun painting them yesterday. So, it looks like I will be purchasing more of these for them too. My twins, they love being busy, busy, busy. If they are not doing something...anything...they are fussy and get so Mom tells me I was this way too as a toddler..

Like Twin Daughter's....

My Precious Twins Painting their birdhouses yesterday

TwiceToddlers "B" looking at Mommy while painting her birdhouse

TwiceToddler "A" looking at Mommy while painting her birdhouse

My Beautiful TwiceToddler "B" looking at Mommy taking her photograph

TwiceToddlers love painting their birdhouses and getting all messy

TwiceToddler "A" painting her birdhouse and not looking at Mommy

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