Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TwiceToddler's Soundly Sleeping Tonight

Well, well, well, my twins actually went to sleep tonight without an hour of chit chatting. After Mommy went in and kissed, prayed, answered questions and other silly stuff they like to do with Mommy, they did chit chat for a while. After their little chit chat, they were quite. Wow is all I had to say. They rarely, if ever, just fall asleep after laying down.

I was in my room watching an old episode of BONES when my twins were still chit chatting, but as soon as I left my room, they stopped talking. They must have been tired, but I wonder why. They did not do much today. Since it was so windy outside, I did not want them outdoors and I did not want to go outdoors either.

Maybe, all the laziness made them tired or maybe they really were, for a change, really tired. It's a toss up but I am glad they are actually sleeping.

Go TwiceToddlers!

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