Saturday, June 19, 2010

TwiceToddlers Fast Asleep Tonight

After the fun party the attended today, we all came home and my twins got into their PJs and drank their milk. While drinking their milk, they watched an hour of one of their favorite cartoon on On Demand.

Before going to bed, my twins brushed their teeth and got all their stuffed animals on or around their bed. Then, Daddy went to say a prayer for them first. Then, like they always do, they said, "Mommy!! Come kiss your Girlies!!"

So, as I always do, I went into their room, prayed over them and did two other things we always do before they go to sleep. Tonight, they actually fell asleep fast. Well, this is of no surprise to me since they would NOT nap today. They were too excited to nap...

But, they had a blast at today's party.

Go Twins!!!

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