Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers in Photos with Mommy

Yesterday, I was taking photographs of myself wearing these cool, new Lite Wire Sunglasses. I had written an article on these dark and very liteweight sunglasses. I mean, when you wear sunglasses, in the heat, do you really want something heavy on your face? and along with adding the photo from the website to my article, I also wanted to add a photo of me wearing them.

Anyway, TwiceToddler "B" asked what I was doing and wanted me to take photos of her too. So, I set my camera up for self-timer. What I did, since I have no tripod, was stack two of my candles up and place my camera on top of it. Then, I set the self-timer for 10 seconds, picked up TwiceToddler "B" and said, "SMILE!".

We took about three or four photos and then TwiceToddler "A" waltzed in asking if I too would take photos of the two of us. So, just like I did with TwiceToddler "B", I set the camera to self-timer, picked up TwiceToddler "A", and we too took some photos together.

When my twins were still babies, I also did this when we were outside in the warmth of the summer. Oh, those photos are so cute too.

So, here are the newest photos I too of Mommy with her twins yesterday. Too bad they are too heavy to pick up simultaneously, I would have taken photographs of the three of us together.

This is my precious TwiceToddler "B". We know this is TwiceToddler "B"
because she does not wear a tiara

My precious TwiceToddler "B".....flashing her silly face

My TwiceToddler "B" showing off her beautiful smile

This is my precious TwiceToddler "A", wearing her
tiara and smiling

My precious TwiceToddler "A" smiling for the camera

My precious TwiceToddler "A", grinning and wearing her always...

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