Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers and the Noise Outside Their Window

Outside my twins window is a very tall Holly bush. Yes, this Holly bush is tall. This is because we have decided to let it grow. So, over the past four to five years, this Holly bush has now become a, sort of tree. So, this now, very tall Holly tree, makes lots of noise with very high and blowing winds, outside my twins bedroom window.

Tonight, TwiceToddler "A" was frightened by the noise and asked for Daddy to come into the room. Well, Mommy went to see what was wrong instead. I walked into my twins room, knelt down next to TwiceToddlers bed and asked her, "What's the matter honey?" TwiceToddler says, "There is a noise that is hurting my feelings." I said, "What noise and noises do not hurt feelings honey. What noise are you hearing. I do not hear it."

Then, all of a sudden I hear this loud scratching noise outside my twins bedroom window. That is when TwiceToddler "A" says, "That is the sound that is hurting my feelings." I say, "TwiceToddler "A", that is the big Holly bush outside your window. When the wind blows real hard, it scratches against your window. It can not hurt you sweetie. When the wind stops blowing, so will the Holly scratching against your window."

So, that was the end of that. That is all I could tell her and she seemed to be okay with that answer. I just stayed by her bed for a while until she started to dose off.

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