Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TwiceToddler "A" Stayed Home with Mommy

As expected, Twin "A" stayed home with Mommy tonight. She has not really been wanting to go to the gym these days. Instead of going to the gym, she wanted to stay home and watch her movie about My Little Ponies. She could watch that movie forever.

So, while watching her movie, I made her chicken nuggets, steamed mini carrots, slices of apples and apple juice/water in her sippy cup. While Twin "A" ate her dinner, I ate my deli sliced (Hormel) Turkey sandwich with four delicious strawberries.

When Daddy and Twin "B" came home, Twin "B" and Daddy had some Foster's Freeze food and milk shake. Since the My Little Pony movie was not over yet, by my twins watched the rest of it before I gave them an individual shower.

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