Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TwiceToddlers and the Very Windy June Day

Today is the first day of June and guess what...it is windy as all get out. I mean, you would think it is Fall weather outside. This wind began coming in last night around 4ish. The sky had this overcasty look to it and then, all of a sudden, this wind came rolling.

So, this morning, the twins got up and the wind was still, and still is, blowing like it will never stop. Now, the wind would be welcomed if the weather was warmer. But, this never happens in my city. We always have one or the other.

Since it is so windy outside, and not warm at all, my twins are instead inside and watching some movies they like. At least they are staying warm and not wind blown.

Geez...Happy June to Us!!

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