Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers are Getting Closer to their Summer Vacation

My twins keep asking when school is out. Well, their final day is next week. They will be graduating with Cap and Gown and then at the end of the week having Donuts and Dad's day. Oh, that will be so cute. I told Daddy to please take your camera and have the teacher's take photos of you and our girls. They will not be little like this much longer and you will be said you did not get any photos of their last days in preschool.

Hopefully, the weather will be warmer on their special graduation day too. In May, for the Mother's Day Tea, it was still chilly and we were dressing up for cool weather.

I do know, like the Mother's Day Tea, our twins will be singing a song or two for Dad and sitting with Daddy, eating donuts. That is just so cute. I know Christian private schools, like the one my twins attend, do this. But do secular schools do this as well with Mommy and Daddy? If not, why not?

I love my TwiceToddlers...can you tell?

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