Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The "Dating Rater" Website for All Singles

When it comes to dating today, the majority of people looking for love turn to online dating. Today, there are over 100 dating websites all over the world. Everybody wants to be loved and to love another person. Instead of looking for love at loud, smoky and noisy bars and clubs, stay home and look for love online.

The majority of online dating websites have their users pay a monthly fee. When a single person does not see results for their monthly fee, they need to go to a place, besides the dating website they use, to lodge a complaint.

This website, Plenty of Fish, for instance has less than plenty of good rating from the singles looking for their mate. One would think that with a name like Plenty of Fish, this website would be able to match up their paying clients with someone matching their profile.

Then, there is the website seen on television all the time, eHarmony. This dating website looks like it has a nice track record, but when you look at the complaints from this company, you might think twice before adding your profile to their website as well.

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