Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Learning Simple Math

When my twins wake up from their nap today, they want to do some simple math problems. They love learning and this is great. They love numbers, big time. Right now, my twins really have no concept of time or what numbers mean, but they like using numbers in their daily sentences.

Take for instance if we drive around town or are waiting on something. For any of these events, Twin "B" will say, "It will take 20 seconds or 10 seconds." Twin "B"'s favorite number seems to be 11 or 10 hundred as she says.

As for Twin "A", she likes numbers, but not as much as her sister. The only number and date they care about is their birthday and date of their birth.

So, when they wake up from their nap, we will (hopefully) have a fun time with numbers.

Go TwiceToddlers!!

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