Saturday, June 19, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Summer Birthday Parties

My twins have attended two summer birthday parties so far. Their summer has barely begin as they just ended PreK earlier this week. My twins went to a summer pool party with one of their friends from PreK and today, from one of their church friends.

Both parties were nice. The first party, like the second, had a Pinata. The Pinata at the most recent party took forever to break. But, it was fun because every kid was able to get more than one hit at breaking and or knocking it down.

At the first party, of course, the kids were in the pool. That was fun, indeed. Although, as kids and their parents were leaving, Twin "B", did NOT want to get out of the water. Of goodness, she was a total pill. Twin "A", on the other hand, actually obeyed Mommy and got out of the pool, dried off and got dressed.

At the second party, the kids had a bounce house to play in. A bounce house is always fun and is a great way to release all that energy kids build up during the day. Then, the kids made some S'mores and took home a paintable My Little Pony.

To took photos of both parties and will, soon, post some of the photos. Probably not in this article, but soon. I have to look at the first and of course, delete the ones that did not come out well.

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