Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TwiceToddlers and the Gym

Daddy likes to go to the gym. I used to go but when my foot was injured last September, I stopped going. Then, I stopped driving this year and, well, I could not drive to the gym anymore. The gym was a nice place for me to go because I was able to get fit and my twins could be watched at the same time. I am considering going back to the gym once the weather is summer appropriate.

Anyway, tonight my twins and Daddy are going to the gym. Every time Daddy says he is going to the gym one twin wants to go, while the other one says no. I say, "Come on, go to the gym to give your sister a playmate in case there are not kids there for her to play with".

When it comes down to the wire, both my twins go with Daddy and sometimes,they even go out for dinner afterwards. I think that is the best part for my twins, going to get dinner and possibly a milk shake too.

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