Sunday, June 20, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Father's Day

For Father's Day, we all went to church, Daddy got a nice Father's Day gift from our church. Going home, we went to the grocery store to get some drinks and other goodies for our Father's Day BBQ. For this Father's Day, we had my hubby's parents over and one of his sister's and her hubby too.

After lunch today, Daddy was given a gift by our twins. I was a Target and saw this really cute screen T reading, Green Eggs and Ham. I had to get it for him..there is an inside joke for this shirt. Anyway, our twins gave this to Daddy and two cards they individually made him.

Our BBQ was nice as we had Tri Tip, Rosemary Chicken, Leaf Lettuce Salad, Fruit Salad and Asparagus.

The weather was just perfect too. Not too hot and not too windy.

When I got back from church, I called my Dad and talked to him for a while. He was having a nice day and will be using the Starbucks gift card I got him. He really likes Starbucks, especially their egg breakfast sandwiches..

Happy Father's Day Dad and Dad in Law!!

P.S. Today is mine and my hubby's 12th Wedding Anniversay...

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