Thursday, June 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers at their Preschool Graduation: Videos

Oh, my twins graduated from PreK earlier this week. It was just so precious! The children, including my twins, entered from the front doors of the church and went down this long walkway to the front of the church. There were probably fifteen children on each side of the aisle. My twins were on the left side of the aisle with some of their friends.

As soon as all the children were assembled, they began to sing a song. My twins were wating for the other half of their classmates to be assembled on the right side and my twins were waving to Nana, Papa, Grammie, Papa and Auntie Leenie too. Mommy, of course, was taking the video of my TwiceBabies standing, waiting to sing their first song. You can see my twins wearing a Lei which Nana bought them. They look just so precious!!

Here is my twins singing their song about growing like a flower. I really can not hear what they are saying, even though I sing this song on church every now and then.

My twins singing the song I'm a Little Star and walking down the aisle as they leave PreK behind and head off to Kindergarten soon....My babies are no longer babies or toddlers. In fact, I will have to think of a new name for my twins as I write about them on this blog.

Along with these videos, I will write an article with still photos of my twins and some of their classmates. They all looked so excited to graduate. Honestly, I doubt they really knew what was going on. Well, my twins loved singing and wearing the cap and gown, but graduting from PreK, they really did not understand..

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