Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TwiceToddlers Painting Bird House

When my twins woke up from their afternoon nap, they wanted to go outside. Well, actually, they wanted to watch TV first. I said, "No, let's go outside, it is nice and sunny." So, we went outside and brought with us these cute wooden bird houses we purchased a couple weeks ago at Michael's. I am hoping to go back soon and get some more things for my twins to do for only a dollar.

It is pretty nice to see Michael's actually has a dollar or two section for parents with little ones. I mean, trying to find things for my twins to do, on any given day, makes me scratch my head.

Now, I like going to Michael's for my craft needs, but when I saw they have a dollar section for the little ones, well, that just put a smile on my face. Well, my smile will have to be extended even longer since almost all their dollar crafts are used up. It looks like Daddy, Mommy and the Twins will be off on another Michael's excursion to seek out more fun products to keep their little growing minds and hands busy, busy, busy...

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