Friday, July 2, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Summer Fever is GONE!!

Yeah, the summer fever my twins had is yesterday is History is Gone...and Mommy is so happy. Twin "B"s fever lasted less than 12 hours, while Twin "A"s fever lasted almost 26 hours.

But, yesterday my twins were up and about the home, inside and out. Well, not even having a fever kept them down. Nothing stops my twins from being busy, busy, busy...

Tonight, we are all going out somewhere the girls love to go to...a fun place for toddlers and kids a little older than them and going to my favorite grocery store which sells natural and organic foods.

Next Monday, we will resume the swim lessons. The three lessons we missed this week due to the fever. I am wondering though if even being in the sun 30 minutes made them sick. Oh well, I will be sure to put extra sun screen on them next week. I had not been putting a whole lot on them...

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