Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five of the Most Famous Twins/Triplets in Books

Guest post by book reviews site, LoveReading

1) 'Chimp & Zee'

This series of books published in 2001 were written by Catherine & Laurence Anholt, winners of the Smarties Gold Award. Well suited to three to six year old children, very colourful illustrations and a limited amount of text on each page.

Chimp & Zee are twin monkeys who live in Jungletown. They try very hard to listen to Mumkey and Papakey and to stay out of mischief but there is so much to explore in their world of bananas....

2) 'The Tessler Triplets' by Chaya Sara Zirkind

Published by Targum Press, The Tessler Triplets is set in Little Rock, Arkansas where only two Jewish families live. One family has 12 year old triplet daughters, Chaya, Shanya and Esty. When the other family moves away, the triplets are confronted with a series of situations which their parents give them to solve.

They must come to an agreement on the decisions they must make in each book. Their decision must meet with the approval of their parents. Chaya, Shanya and Esty can not ask for help from their other six siblings who can't attend the “triplet conferences” between the triplets and their parents.

3) Clone Series—by H.B. Homzie

Published in September 2002, this series was created for readers age 7-12. The stories center around a brother and sister, Barton and Nancy Jamison who have twin alien clones named Beta and Gamma. The brother and sister live in a fictional town on earth while their clones are from the planet Ungapotch. Many interesting and very funny things happen since the clones have a lot of trouble understanding what some English language expressions actually mean.

4) 'The Triplets' by Roser Capdevila

In this series, triplets Anna, Teresa and Elena meet up with a fantasy character named Bored Witch who sends them on missions to visit classics characters such as Cinderella, Robin Hood, Helen of Troy and Leonardo da Vinci.

5) 'Starbuck Twins' by Kathryn Lasky

Published by Houghton Mifflin, the Starbuck Twins series is a mystery series based on 2 sets of twins July and Liberty, born on the fourth of July and their twin siblings Carly and Molly. Their father works for the CIA while their mother is a ballet costume designer.

In the opening book, the father is transferred to London but their mother can't move with them . July and Liberty have a special telepathic ability which lets them communicate without using words

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