Friday, July 16, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Cousins

My Mom, Sister and her 3 boys just left this morning. It was a very...long...week to say the least. My sister's kids and mine, do not mix. All the boys played with was their handheld games and all my twins wanted to do was play outside and follow the boys around our home trying to get the boys to play with them.

Here is the age difference of our children: 8(going on 9), 5, 2(going on 3) and my 4(going on 5) twins. So, that I suppose made their time together not fun at all. I did feel sorry for my twins because all Twin "A" every talked about for months was missing her cousins and wanting to play with her cousins. Then, when they arrive, all my sister's kids wanted to do was play with their handheld games and get on the computer.

My Mom made all these excuses for why the boys and the girls did not mesh..well, that was uncalled for. With that 6 hour drive up to my home, my sister's kids should have been made to play with their almost 5 year old girl cousins.

Yes, I was very disappointed and this will probably not happen again. In fact, I am sure I will not do this again. It broke my heart seeing my girls vying for their cousins attention and they just could not care less...age difference or not. All their cousins did was run away for my girls, with their handheld games in hand, around my home saying, "Stop following me, leave me alone". How sad....My twins ONLY played with their handheld games to mimic their cousins. My twins are not fans, at all, of their handheld games. They like to watch TV and play make believe.

Today, as my Mom, sister and her kids left, Twin "A" was saying, "I miss my cousins and I said, No you do not. They did not want to play with you at all. You just like saying you miss them."

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