Friday, July 16, 2010

Lady GaGa Dangerous Eye Trick - Stahl Eye Center

Have you read the AOL Health article describing how in her "Bad Romance" video, Lady Gaga appears to have huge eyes? If not, it tells about how teens are trying to get the same look using online contact lenses with dangerous results. Stahl Eye Center says, "A contact lens is a medical device and must be fit to the patent's eye," said Dr. Marc Werner, an ophthalmologist at Stahl Eye Center in New York City. "When it is not fitted properly, the patient risks everything from minimal discomfort to loss of vision related to a contact lens infection. Unfortunately, if vision loss occurs, it may be permanent."

Dr. Marc Werner is telling the truth. Wearing contact lenses not only a medical device, they actually do help those who have lost their vision, see again. Contact lenses are not toys or accessories to me messed around with.

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