Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TwiceToddlers Baking Bread with Mommy

The one thing I have found is, my twins love baking anything with Mommy. If they see me in the kitchen cooking or baking, they want in on the action. My twins are real go-getter's and do not like to sit still. Along with not sitting still, if they see Mommy doing something, they want to do it as well. Now, I am not sure if they are learning this behavior from watching me around the home or from watching their cartoons such as Little Bear and such.

Ever since my twins learned to walk at twelve months old, they have wanted to do everything on their own. I think all that time on their backs and crawling as infants made them determined to "do it on their own" once they could talk and walk.

So, here are my twins helping Mommy make homemade zucchini bread at home.

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