Saturday, July 31, 2010

Five Reasons Outdoor Play is Beneficial for Your Children

Guest post by baby toys store, The Travelling Souk

All multiples need lots of room to run and play, and the confines of most homes don’t allow your children enough space to open up and play full throttle. The ideal playground for your child is outdoors for many reasons, and here are five of those reasons to consider:

1) Your TwiceToddlers Need Somewhere to Move Freely Together

Have you ever tried to fit a trampoline into your living room? What a ridiculous notion, but it does make a point. Most outdoor activities involve equipment that cannot be safely played with indoors. Balls are a great example.

Space to play safely is relatively limitless outdoors and allows your twins the freedom to run faster, jump higher and get as much out of playtime that they can without breaking something or running into each other or a stationary object.

2) Your TwiceToddlers Need to Develop Coordination with Each Other

I wish my twins' hand/eye coordination skills came from more than a game box. The sad fact is that many children spend way too much time in front of a television or computer screen playing games when they should be outdoors developing their hand/eye coordination skills in a more physical way.

Getting them to go out and play a simple game of catch will not only strengthen these skills, but give their underworked bodies a chance to grow stronger in a much more healthy way.

3) The Outdoors Helps TwiceToddlers Absorb Vitamin D

Drinking milk rich in vitamin D is great, but exposure to sunshine is the vital key to healthy teeth and bones. Most parents don’t realize that vitamin D is created by the body when it is exposed to sunshine. A healthy dose of sunshine every day ensures that your child’s body is getting the right amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium which leads to strong teeth and bones.

4) Sunlight Improves the Mental Disposition of Our TwiceBabies

Mom, why didn’t God make a fluorescent sun? As adults, we know the difference between artificial lighting and natural lighting, but do we really think about the benefits that our children receive by playing outdoors? Natural sunlight has been proven to lift spirits and balance out a child’s mental disposition. No wonder so many children draw smiley faces on their sunshine pictures.

5) Outdoors and Fresh Air Make for Happier TwiceToddlers

Don’t just open a window, open up the world. Allowing your multiples to spend a lot of time indoors robs them of getting plenty of fresh air, which is vital to your child’s overall development. Just as with artificial lighting, nothing can take the place of a healthy breath of fresh air.

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