Saturday, September 1, 2007

Playdate in my Backyard

Yesterday, I had asked my girlfriend to come over with her children. But, she did not listen to her messages until this morning. So, as sweet as she is, she called me and told me why she was not able to make it yesterday.

So, she suggested her children and her come over today, Saturday. I said, sure, please come over, the twins are sleeping right now, but will be in their little baby pool once they wake up.

Around 1:50, she called, was coming over, with two of her three children and Starbucks!

From 2:20 to 4:00 something, the kids played in the baby pool, sprinkler and to wind down, we all came inside and played with the twins toys.

It was really a nice day! I had fun. I love getting together with my sweet friend and her children are just wonderful.

Hopefully we will see each other at church tomorrow.

**Let's get together more often!**
***We used to have coffee often before my twins and her third was born. But know, we have a play date, with or without coffee, and it is fun!!***

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