Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When Twins Will Not Sleep

For some reason, today, my twins would not sleep at nap time.

I do not get it. My hubby came home for lunch and I went out for a while. I went to Carter's at my outlet mall and purchased these two sleeveless pink birthday dresses for them. The dresses have tulling and cotton material. They are so cute.

Anyway, before I left, my twins were talking, still. It was around 12:50 when I left and 11:15 when I put them down. Well, when I came home around 1:20 they were still talking!!

I walked in their room and said, "Sleep!! You need to sleep..."

So, I kept them in their cribs until they fell asleep. Finally, around 2:40 they fell asleep; if only for an hour.

Yes, they slept for an hour and woke up around 3:20. When they woke up, I fed them a late lunch, which meant they had a late dinner.

My goodness.....

What will I do, what will I do..

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