Thursday, September 13, 2007

Change in Season

How do you feel when there is a change in season? Like summer ending and fall approaching?

Do you feel weird and wish the seasons would not change so fast? Do you wish summer were around for one more month? What do you like better, warmer or cooler/colder months? Personally, I like/love warmer months, well to a degree, 78-89 degree's that is. I have a very small area of comfort when it comes to changes in weather/seasons.

Well today, because the weather had changed so quickly, I decided to not go to my bible study. We are studying Hebrews right now. In fact, each of us are doing a presentation on a particular chapter. My chapter is not due until October. Hopefully by then, my comfort level to our changes in season will be over with.

So, I am sad I missed today, but with all the wind kicking up, it made me want to stay indoors.
This is totally a pathetic excuse to stay home, but I used it nonetheless.

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