Monday, September 24, 2007

When Daddy Get's a Day to Golf

Since our twins have been born, Daddy has not been able to golf every other week like he used to. Well, today is Daddy's annual Golf Day with his Dad and our neighbor.

I have encouraged Daddy to golf every over week like he used to, but no, I think he will wait until next Spring to get back into the "swing" of things. I know Daddy misses golfing like he used to. I mean, Mommy (me), never stopped him from golfing. But, since Mommy went through a horrible bout of post partum depression, Daddy thought it was best to help me out.

Our twins will be 23 weeks next Friday and sooner than we thought, turn 2!!

Wow....from Preemies to Toddlers who love to walk and run and now on their way to using sentences, it has been one amazing ride for Daddy and Mommy thus far.

Praise you Jesus for these sweet, little miracles you gave us to love and cherish.

Anyway, so all day today, Daddy gets one day to play golf with his friends, no work, only play.

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