Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do You Love Your Digital Camera?

Sometime in 2001, my hubby and I purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-S50 Digital Camera. The Sony DSC-S50 is a 6x digital zoom and only has 2.1 mega pixels. This camera was being discontinued at a computer store in my city. The price was just right for us since this was our first digital camera and we still had to learn how to use it.

Fast forward to September 2007, we still have this camera and this camera is still awesome. With this camera, I have been able to take photos of my family, my cats and nature. This was all before I gave birth to our twin girls who were born in November 2005. Ever since that day, I have snapped shots of my twins non-stop. They were born preemies and ever since their stay in the NICU, to their first birthday and now going on their second birthday, all I have done is take lovely, memorable photographs of our sweet baby girls.

Within the first year of our twins birth, I took over 4 MB of photos that were stored on our computer, that is until we had a friend come and move them to a CD. That is a lot of photographs.

Another great thing about this Sony digital camera is that it takes mini movies. I call them mini movies because they are only 15 seconds in length. But they are movies nonetheless.

This digital camera allows the photographer to take self timer photos, take photos in sepia, black and white, solarize or neg. art. I really like the sepia and solarize effects a lot. I use them every once in a while. The photographer can also save photos in a series (200, 300, 400, etc.) or normal mode.

All in all, I love this camera, but, it is time for me to move on to a Sony digital camera that has more mega pixels and a higher digital zoom. Therefore, for my birthday this month, I have asked my family contribute some money to my new Sony CyberShot DSC H7/B or Sony Alpha A 100 (w/18-70mm Lens).

Right now, the DSC H7/B is looking real nice because I really need a camera that allows me to take burst shot photos. If you do not know what a burst shot is, this allows the user to take 3-7 continuous photos. This mode is great for taking photographs of babies like mine, who are always moving, or sporting events. This camera also allows the photographer to take self-timer photos and mini movies. The best thing about this camera is the digital zoom, 15x optical/2x digital zoom and 8.1 mega pixel. Compared to my current 2.1 mega pixels, that is a lot of power.

The best thing about my digital camera is I can instantly print my photos for scrapbooking. I am almost done with my girls first year scrapbook. Yes, I know, I should be done with the first year by know, but, I have twins and deciding which photos to add is not always easy. Without my digital camera, I would never have started scarpbooking.

Oh, and if I could give a tip or two on taking great digital photos of the people you love and places you've been, it would be to make sure you have the right lighting, the flash is on and always make sure the battery is fully charged and disk is empty to take as many photos as possible.

Yes, I would not know what to do without my digital camera. It is hard to image I never had one. I love my digital camera and can't wait to purchase my new one this month.

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