Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Final Four

Ah yes, my twins are coming down to their Final Four teeth (molars) that is.

My twins are in so much pain. They have rashes in which you could not imagine in their bottoms and elsewhere. They cry, only when they think about the pain, I believe. That would be when they take a nap or go down for their bedtime at night.

It is so sad, still, to see them going through this.

Would you want to be a baby again? Or, a growing person from infant hood to toddler hood?

Not me.

Adults have it hard enough as it is, but to go back to infant/toddler hood is not a walk in the park or piece of cake either.

The Final Four (molars), is, IMOA, what makes the Two's so terrible. Well, my twins will be two in less than two months.

If you were to see my twins though, you would see they are good, little girls. Sure, they fight, pinch and take toys from each other, but what child does not? They have to be taught, which I do, what not to do.

Learning takes time and patience, which I lack, but and working on. Yes, I am a work in progress Mommy and work in progress Christian.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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