Monday, September 3, 2007

Have you given ShoppingCart Software a Test Drive Yet?

There is so much software can do for any online business. The thing that caught my eye was that it supports small or medium sized businesses in getting ready for eCommerce and helps them to turn Internet presence into profit.

The wesbite is appealing to look at. With orange, green and white colors. Every link to click on gets you to that page easily and with no wait time.

Ashop eCommerce Shopping Cart Software is used in the United States of America, U.K . and Australia. So there are no restrictions for where your business resides.

With Ashop Commerce, selling has never been so easy! Once your company takes a test drive and, sign up for the 10 day free trial to create your own online store. Ashop Commerce is strictly web based, which means there is no installation, accepts credit cards online, thousands of features, easy to use, fully customisable design and you can start selling online right now.

It amazes me how much this shopping cart software gives it's clients. The set up is web based and there is a complete operational storefront. But not only this, you get inventory control, category reports, quantity discounts, bulk ordering processing and my goodness, so much more.

As I continued to look at this webiste, I found that the client also gets product feeds such as Froggle, BizRate, NetTag, Yahoo! and Shopzilla. These are all well known companies that will work for you.

For checkout, it seems everyone uses Google Checkout these days and this is exactly what Shopping Cart Software has for you, the client, to use.

There is so much here for your small or medium business, you will just have to check it out yourself.

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