Monday, September 17, 2007

My Twins and Our Awning Posts

My hubby and I added an awing to our backyard the year we moved in to our new home. This is our second home.

With this new awning,which makes our backyard look so much better and gives us shade, are three support posts. Of the three posts, our twins love to run around two of them.

It is so cute!! Twin "B" began making this cute high pitched noise as she runs around it. Twin "A", her "Ssss" also runs around one of the two posts. I say two of the three posts because one of the three posts has the drainage spout going down the front of it. And, our twins are not able to run around this one.

Anyway, I watch my girls run around these posts, making these cute noise, with glee in their voices and faces.

They also switch posts and run around them.

It is just too cute...I will take photos of them running around the posts and post them to this blog post.

Have a blessed day!

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