Saturday, September 1, 2007

Twin "A" shushes Mommy

Recently, Twin "A" has begun putting her finger or hand in front of my mouth. I am thinking this is either to shush me or show me where my mouth is.

Along with shushing me, she likes to point to all my body parts, like her sister, Twin "B".

Twin ""B" has not learned to shush me, yet.

I kinda think this is funny.

My friend's one year old son, who was at my home today, also shushes her by putting his finger over his mouth while looking at his intended target to shush.

When she told me what her son does, I told her, "I think it is just this generation, Xxxxx." She said, "I think so too because Xxxx never did this, but Xxxxxx did."

It is, in my opinion, funny. I take it babies do have an opinion to share and make known.

Have a blessed day and/or evening everyone!!

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